Tenmarks.com Website Review & Ratings + TenMarks Coupons
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Tenmarks.com Website Review & Ratings + TenMarks Coupons

Ten Marks produces an online math course for students from grade level three onwards.  
The course consists of four worksheets per week, and each of these worksheets contains ten multiple choice questions.  
Each question has three hints that a student can use if they have studied the area, but cannot remember how to solve the problem.  In addition to the hints, there is a video tutorial on the concept that the student can use if they have not studied, or do not understand, the area.  

In addition to the worksheets, the student will also have access to various educational games.  

Ten Marks can be used by both homeschoolers and students who want a little extra practice after school.

The software also provides tools for parents to monitor their children’s progress.
TenMarks: What makes it different?
The two main differentiators of Ten Marks are the combination of non-video and video tuition, and the information provided to parents through weekly reports.

Many students don’t react well to video tuition, and parents have reported (see below) that these students often find the combination of video and non-video work in Ten Marks more engaging that video alone.

The software sends parents a weekly e-mail detailing their child’s progress through the course.  Parents can also set rewards for their children to help motivate them to achieve particular tasks.  Together, these features help parents take a more active role in their child’s learning.
TenMarks vs. primary competitors (sites similar to TenMarks)
Math.com provides a range of tools to help students learn math at no cost.  There is some text to help students understand an area, but this site is best used for its practice questions.  There are no parental tools.

Ignition Tutoring offer personal tutoring via Skype.  This is a more expensive option than the others but it provides one on one instruction to the learner.  This personal touch will help students who find it hard to self study.  All the tutors are students at top US colleges, and having a tutor in this position may help inspire students who are pushing to get into these colleges themselves

Mathtutor.com provide software to help students in grades six to twelve with their math.  They offer two sets of software: The ‘Concepts and Skills Series’ is designed to teach students what they need to know, and the ‘Practice and Review Series’ is designed to work in tandem with another form of learning (such as school) to provide additional exercises for the student.  Unlike Ten Marks, MathTutor.com doesn’t require students to be online when they complete their exercises, this makes it ideal for students without a permanent Internet connection.
TenMarks: Pricing & packages
The costs of Ten Marks and it’s rivals is as follows:

Ten Marks
  • One Month - $10 per child
  • Six Months  - $49 per child
  • One Year - $89 per child
  • Free (the website makes money through advertising).
Math Tutor DVD
  • Full set (from grade one up to college level - 79 DVDs) $681
  • DVDs from $26.99
Ignition Tutoring
  • Prices vary from tutor to tutor, but typically between $20 and $35 per hour.  Some of the better tutors charge as much as $55 per hour.
Mathtutor.com (discounts are available for educational establishments)
  • Each ‘concept’ $49.95
  • Set of six $219.95
TenMarks: Product images & screenshots
TenMarks Coupons
TenMarks: Customer reviews & comments
Ten Mark has received generally good feedback from users.  Reviewers have particularly liked the ‘hints’ because these help students to think around the problem.  Parents have also commented that their children liked the fact that it didn’t rely solely on video for tuition.

The aspect of Ten Marks that has received the most praise is the weekly report.  Parents have found this a great way of keeping up with how well their child is learning.

A few users have commented that they would like some questions that are not multiple choice.

Users have generally found that Ten Marks works best when used to supplement other methods of learning.
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Comments (1)

My daughter has a great deal of trouble taking criticism and direction from me, so we decided a trial of TenMarks might take me "out of the equation" during homeschool math time. It is working like a charm! She LOVES it. We signed up for a free trial of the 3rd grade math and plan to use it as our main math curriculum for 4th grade. I really like the e mails sent to me, and i really like the extra practice sheets she can do. She finds the concept of showing only one problem at a time to be much less upsetting than a whole page. We frequently do one or two worksheets each day, and sometimes supplement with worksheets from Spectrum so all of her practice is not just multiple choice.

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