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Learninga-z.com Website Review & Ratings + LearningA-Z.com Coupons

In 2009 and 2010, the curriculum delivery website, LearningA-Z.com, earned the distinction of being a CODiE finalist award winner under the category of Education Products for their product line titled ReadingA-Z. In addition to the printable differentiated reading products available through ReadingA-Z, this company also has an online library of interactive books and quizzes called Raz-Kids, a vocabulary list generator that pulls from a database of over 12,000 words, and a program offering pre-made reading tutorial kits. LearningA-Z also offers an extensive writing curriculum as well as a science curriculum that blends literacy and science to improve reading skills while learning key science concepts. Every one of Learning A-Z’s affiliated websites offers a 7-day trial review, so be sure to sign up on each pertinent website to take advantage of the full trial offer.

LearningA-Z.com: What makes it different?

Most curriculum delivery websites offer pre-packaged content that must be shipped and stored in the classroom. LearningA-Z offers virtual storage of a vast array of books, printables, and teaching resources at your fingertips from any computer, anywhere, and at anytime there is internet access. This allows teachers the flexibility to prepare lesson plans from the comfort of their own home or via a Wi-Fi connection at Starbucks.

LearningA-Z's comprehensive 7-day trial offer is one of the most extensive free trials in curriculum delivery. They allow access to nearly every resource available on their websites for a whole week. There are limits on how many downloads you can make each day, but much of the material is available for use and review without downloading. Teachers and parents will not have to wonder if they're going to get their money's worth with this company.

For homeschooling parents who wish to provide a more classical and formal structure but aren’t sure which curricula to purchase, Learning A-Z provides a thorough, fairly inexpensive, and exhaustive database of resources and teaching tips to teach your kids to read and write, and their ScienceA-Z curriculum offers a comprehensive elementary science education based on research, and benchmarks associated with No Child Left Behind.

LearningA-Z.com vs. primary competitors (sites similar to LearningA-Z.com)

In 2010, there were two other comparable finalists for the CODiE awards in the area of reading education, Pearson Education through Prentice Hall and Ticket-to-Read. Pearson Education has a reading program for K-6 called Scott Foresman Reading Street. Reading Street offers a large selection of leveled readers. They offer several different collections and title groupings for prices ranging anywhere from $25.97 (for a 6-pack) to $127.97 (for 30 individual titles). In addition to leveled readers, they offer grade-level curriculum packages that have everything a teacher would need to teach six or more reading and vocabulary lessons throughout a school year. All the materials are shipped directly to the classroom, and for a price comparison, the kindergarten package is $2,362.47 for one classroom. Although this package comes with pre-printed charts, graphics, vocabulary cards, and hard copies of all the book titles, as well as a DVD-Rom for students to use, LearningA-Z.com provides far more resources for a far lower price per classroom.

The other 2010 CODiE award finalist for reading products was Ticket to Read, a fun, interactive web-based program for teaching children to become active readers. Ticket to Read offers each child the opportunity to improve their reading skills anywhere they have access to the internet. Each child receives his own username and password, which takes them to their own personal virtual reading clubhouse. Students earn tickets for completing reading assignments of various kinds. These tickets can be redeemed for items to decorate their clubhouses. Ticket to Read's virtual learning environment is comparable to online home decorating games. Students are connected through the home page to other students around the country, being able to see how they are doing compared to other kids like them and giving students the opportunity to showcase their clubhouses globally. Just like LearningA-Z, this program emphasizes phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It is best compared to the ReadingA-Z and VocabularyA-Z programs offered through LearningA-Z. Ticket to Read charges $29.95 per student, or $299.95 for a full classroom for one year.

LearningA-Z.com: Pricing & packages

LearningA-Z's sister sites offer reasonably priced family, classroom, and district-wide licenses. Each user license covers the use of all resources and materials on the individual site, including downloads and printables, for one year. The prices listed below are for individuals or schools ordering for 1-9 classrooms. Fees decrease as the number of classrooms being licensed increases.

Reading A-Z is priced at $84.95 per classroom. That may seem like a high price, but it includes access to over 800 leveled reading books, almost 100 phonics lessons, over 20 vocabulary books, several other vocabulary tools, fluency passages, reader's theater scripts, a poetry program, alphabet principles resources, assessment tools, and more.

Raz-Kidz costs $79.95 per classroom. This is the interactive module for students. Ticket to Read's interactive reading program costs $299.95 per classroom, and although it is a little more high-tech in its rewards programs and graphics, the results are the same...your students will be able to track their own progress, self-correct, and watch themselves learn to read.

VocabularyA-Z is priced at $29.95 per classroom. Plug in your word category and choose your vocabulary list, and the generator will create a one-week vocabulary-building lesson that includes graphic organizers, activities, and games. This product is perfect for remedial readers, ESL students, special education classrooms, homeschooling parents, and struggling readers.

Reading Tutors costs $59.95 per classroom. This low price gives access to hundreds of downloadable one-on-one or small group tutoring packages for parents and teachers working with students who are struggling with specific concepts, such as phonics or fluency. This resource may be a great choice for the homeschooling parent who is struggling to tailor a program specifically for a child who is struggling or resisting other reading or phonics programs.

WritingA-Z costs $29.95 per classroom. Boasting "the most complete collection of K-6 writing resources anywhere," WritingA-Z provides all resources to teach the common process writing genres. You will have access to all core writing lessons for every level of writing proficiency, over 15 mini-lessons focused on skill building, and over 20 supplementary tools to provide students the opportunity to apply what they've learned from the lessons.

ScienceA-Z costs $59.95 per classroom. This is the best value for your dollar in LearningA-Z's product line. With over 60 detailed science lessons in the areas of Physical, Life, Earth, and Process science, this price is unbelievable. Each lesson includes core materials including a book guide, vocabulary materials, a quiz, and process activities, plus supplementary books and resources for tailoring the material to each student's specific reading level, as well as multimedia, extra student materials, science fair resources, and teacher materials.

For the complete package of LearningA-Z's resources, a mere $345.00 per classroom provides full access to their entire product line for a whole year. Even for a homeschooling family, this is quite a bit lower than most comprehensive grade level curricula available, and while most homeschooling curricula only covers one grade level, LearningA-Z gives access to materials for all elementary grade levels, so if your child excels beyond his grade level in one school year he will be able to proceed without adding the extra cost of new materials for the next level.

In comparison, Ticket to Read is priced at $29.95 per student with a maximum of $299.95 per classroom and Scott Foreman Reading Street runs as high as $2,400.00 for one year's worth of materials. While these programs are top-notch and may be the perfect choice for certain situations, they just do not offer the broad scope of high-quality resources available to students and teachers for the price of LearningA-Z's programs.

LearningA-Z.com: Product images & screenshots
LearningA-Z.com Coupons
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LearningA-Z.com: Customer reviews & comments

Awesome website! This is how I will teach my son to read! I've used the trial membership, and he can already read 6 books on his own!!! Thank you! ~Kellye Dishion Farris

I would not be able to find enough materials so easily for my differentiation if it were not for ReadingA-Z.com and Raz-Kids.com. Intersting and multilevel stories from pre-primer to level Z with strategy practice. Love it enough to pay for it with my own money for my students. ~Danyelle Leonard

Love, love, love your program. My [grade] 2 son was struggling in reading. The teachers said there was NOTHING more they could do for him...I found your website, and my son moved from a 6 to an 8 in a month and now is reading at a 10 (soon to be benchmarked). The books, the lessons, the confidence that they have brought to my son has been nothing short of remarkable...My board reading specialist actually asked for the name of your site [because] he was so impressed with the reading program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~Nancy Gummow

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Comments (5)

I tried Readinga-z for a week. Many many ideas, books, assessments, resources. Unclean if I need to continually pay$84.00 per year, each year. Will need more infomation. Also, printing of books adds to cost. As of yet, I can not predict the total cost of printing. Like the multi-levels, and the wide variety of vocab, poetry, reading, science/non-fiction books, reader theatre. This program looks great but long term cost beyond one year for a small classroom is yet unclear.

Nice review. You did an awesome job on this. Voted up.

Ranked #73 in

Thank you so much, Caryn. I appreciate your feedback.


Can anyone answer my question regarding the copyright laws? I am unclear on the following: I buy the program for one year. I download and print off the books I need for my class of 9 students for a cost of 84.00. Are the books I print mine for ever and ever to be used year after year? Or am I legally required to pay the next year membership to reuse these books I have printed? I will have invested the time, paper, and copy machine, and the correlation of these books beyond the membership price.

Thank you,

June Postal

Ranked #73 in

June, That is an excellent question. I did not come across the answer to your question when I researched this site, and the FAQ do not address it specifically enough to be sure. You can use this link to ask your question directly of the staff: http://www.learninga-z.com/contact-sales.html Please let us know what you find out, will you?

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Get 5% Reduction @ LearningA-Z.com
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